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Sphinx mining explores zinc potential across The Pontiac – Pontiac Journal (In English only)

Pontiac Journal – Francois Carrier – August 30, 2017
(tr. AB)


MRC PONTIAC –  The Sphinx mining company, which is currently exploring the ‘Calumet Sud’ project and zinc concentrations on L’ Île-du-Grand-Calumet, recently obtained permission to prospect 22 new claims, situated about 5 km northeast of Waltham. The new mining project is called Tessouat, in honour of an Algonquin chief.
The business has also submitted requests to the Ministry of Natural Resources for more claims across the Pontiac to identify other potential sources of zinc; some of these border residential areas. Residents have expressed concerns about these requests and fear they could be required to provide access through their  properties.

“We always ensure local communities are involved and their voices are heard. We will not do work without authorization and an understanding of what we are doing,” said Sphinx President Normand Champigny, explaining that zinc has reached record high market prices. (…)


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