Sphinx Resources

Corporate Governance

Our business operations work to empower economic growth locally and nationally, and contribute to providing socio-economic stability in each region we operate in. We focus our business in Canada, with emphasis on Quebec.

Community investment

We seek to make meaningful community investments focusing on local needs that align with our business activities. We commit to contributing in a positive way to the development of sustainable communities in Quebec and Canada.

Ethical conduct

Our commitment to high ethical standards can be found in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code of Conduct”).

Our Code of Conduct is based on our values and clarifies the principles and expectations for how we work. This applies to all employees, members of the board and contractors. We expect our contractors and their employees to perform consistently with our Code of Conduct, and it is made clear that we will take the appropriate actions where and when we believe that they have not met our Code of Conduct, or their contractual obligations.

Each year, our employees and our board members certify that they understand the Code of Conduct, have abided by their responsibilities and reported any breaches of which they were aware.

Promoting Ethical Behaviour

As found in our Whistle Blower policy, we encourage our employees, contractors and third parties to speak up whenever they see something that they feel is potentially unsafe, unethical or harmful.

We have zero tolerance for retaliation against anyone who seeks advice, raises a concern, reports misconduct or participates in an investigation.

Lobbying and Political Donations

We prohibit the use of corporate funds or resources to support any political candidate or party. We are fully compliant with the laws, which govern political donations and lobbying in Canada and its provinces.

We recognize the rights of our employees to participate in the political process. Their rights to do so are governed by the applicable laws in Canada. We believe in the freedom and right of voluntary employee participation in the political process.

All political contributions by our board members and executive management are reported for compliance, and ensure that each complies with the law and will be publicly reported in accordance with Canadian and Provincial election laws.

Our interaction with provincial and federal governments depends on the legal and regulatory framework in each region. We engage across a range of issues that are relevant to our business, from regulatory compliance, to understanding our tax liabilities, to collaborating on community initiatives.

We have membership in industry associations that offer opportunities to share best practices and collaborate on issues of importance to our sector. Their positions do not always reflect our own; given that they reflect a compromise of the assorted views of the membership.