Sustainable Development

Sphinx Resources Ltd is committed to building a strong, open and transparent relationship with all stakeholders in the areas in which we work. As such, we understand that it is our responsibility to balance economic, environmental and social dimensions into our business decision-making processes. We are committed to a leading standard of practice with respect to health, safety, community relations and environmental management. We are committed to contributing in a positive way to the development of sustainable communities through active and open engagement with our stakeholders, regardless of the areas in which we work. We aim to make a positive difference at all stages of exploration and development through regional community involvement and community consultation, and by supporting local initiatives that benefit the global community. Our strategy for advancing as a responsible mining company is to work in partnership with community organizations, government officials and other stakeholders to increase understanding and encourage open, constructive dialogue and trust. We respect cultures, customs and values in dealings with employees and others who have an interest in our activities. With respect to exploration activities, it is Sphinx’s objective to minimize environmental impacts through the restoration of disturbed areas such that the environments in which we conduct exploration activities can maintain biodiversity and ecosystem functions as close to the undisturbed state as possible.